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Illinois HS Players Get Back into the Swing with RugbyX Series

In Illinois a new approach to getting young players back to the game post-COVID kicks off.

Silverbacks Captain, Konrad Kulat, addresses squad before warm up.

Excerpt from Goff Rugby article. Full article on Goff Rugby Report.

Robert Downey of Illinois Valley Rugby Club played in the Rugby Illinois Middle School final in May 2019 but hasn't played much since then. But he emerged a pretty polished rugby layer. Konrad Kulat and Charlie Black (West Suburban Bulls) move smoothly in possession and created space for teammates. Frankie Krembs (Mt. Carmel High School) had the best work rate of any player on Saturday while Rueben Kruger, Hugo Hourihane, and Jaden Buettner (all from New Trier High School) showcased athleticism and smart support lines.


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