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Monthly 1-on-1s

Current coach & Mentor Roster

Joseph Rasmus Director of Rugby

Skill & Position Specialties: 

Contact Skills


Set Piece

Second Row

Loose Forward

007 Flannigan SCS.png

Skill & Position Specialties: 

Mental Skills

Running Lines

Front Row


Check-in once-a-month with elite coaches and playing mentors!

Who Has Access:

FoundationPathway Athletes 

What Do We Discuss: 

Generally, Athletes should be prepared to review their body of training & play over the last month as well as set goals for the upcoming month. Pathway Athletes have an opportunity to update & refine their Personal Development Plan. The session is 15 minutes: we encourage athletes come prepared with reflections, questions, and goals to get the most out of these meetings!

Who Do I Meet With: 

You have your choice of any coach or player mentor on our active roster. We select a pool of coaches and players with a variety of backgrounds so you can connect with a specialist if you are looking to address a specific area of your game.

How Do I Book a Session:

Via our Booking App

Only athletes with Pathway or Foundation subscriptions may book this service. Please remember to only book one (1) session per calendar month. Please book sessions between two weeks and two days in advance.

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