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Quick FAQs

WHAT Does Silverback elite rugby do?

Silverbacks provides highly-motivated rugby athletes with additional training & development resources; supplementing what athletes get from their clubs.

Why Does Silverbacks exist?

There are a number of groups offering high-performance playing opportunities. The question, "Why do we need another?" is 100% valid.

Silverbacks DOES NOT regularly field select sides. While showcasing is an important part of high-performance, Silverbacks identified a gap in the training environment offered by various high-performance organizations throughout the Midwest: development activities, individualized feedback and programming were generally limited to select side playing windows. Silverbacks was created support athlete development the other 48 weeks out of the year.

My club/state select side has practice/a game at the same time as a Silverbacks program. Which should I attend?

Athletes SHOULD ALWAYS attend Club and State Select Side events if they conflict with a Silverbacks program.


Our programs are intended to supplement the club training environment. Clubs are fundamentally important to the development of high-performance rugby players. Silverbacks wants athletes to take full advantage of every resource and opportunity offered by their home Club.

While conflicts occasionally do arise, Silverbacks works hard to deconflict our programs with Club & state-level events.


If you are a coach of an athlete who plans to attend a Silverbacks event over a Club event, please Contact Us. We are happy to reach out to the athlete and convey our expectation that team events take priority.

If athletes from your club regularly attend Silverbacks events, please help us avoid scheduling conflicts by completing this Club Deconflict Form.







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